Atilla Yurtseven

Atilla Yurtseven is a pioneering figure in the internet industry, having embarked on his digital journey in 1999, one of the earliest entrepreneurs to enter the sector in Istanbul. In 2000, Atilla developed HandyCafe, an automation system designed for internet cafes that revolutionized the way these establishments operated. HandyCafe was adopted by tens of thousands of internet cafes across more than 180 countries, showcasing its global impact and the demand for such innovative solutions. His work led to partnerships with leading internet giants, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, further establishing his reputation as a forward-thinking and influential figure in the technology sector.

Transitioning his focus towards financial markets, Atilla has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency, Borsa Istanbul (BIST), and NYSE markets since 2007. Leveraging his expertise in quantitative and trend analysis, he has developed proprietary algorithms that enable him to make informed and strategic investments and trades. His approach combines statistical analysis with a keen understanding of market trends, setting him apart as a skilled trader and investor.

In 2022, Atilla authored “Yeni Baslayanlar Icin Kripto Para Piyasalari” (“Cryptocurrency Markets for Beginners”), a book that has been instrumental in guiding both novices and experienced individuals in the complex world of cryptocurrency. His commitment to sharing knowledge extends beyond his writing, as he continues to provide mentorship on quantitative and trend analysis to a diverse audience, including individuals and institutions both locally and internationally.

Atilla Yurtseven’s career is marked by a series of pioneering achievements and contributions to the internet and financial trading industries. His innovative spirit, combined with a deep understanding of technology and market dynamics, has made him a respected and influential figure in his fields of expertise.