W2E.MEDIA Token (Watch to Earn Media Token) is an innovative project aiming to revolutionize the advertising industry. At its core is a model that makes the processes of watching and interacting with ads more appealing for users. Owners of W2E.MEDIA Tokens have the opportunity to earn tokens, points, and exclusive discounts by interacting with the ads they watch.

W2E.MEDIA Token can be implemented on affiliated TV channels, social media platforms, outdoor advertisements, metro stations, and various other advertising broadcast platforms. The system allows W2E.MEDIA Token holders to interact with ads through a mobile application, rewarding them for their actions. By making the advertising industry more effective and participatory, it addresses the needs of both advertisers and users.

The earned tokens can be easily sold on cryptocurrency exchanges where W2E.MEDIA Token is listed. This provides W2E.MEDIA Token holders with the opportunity to convert their earnings and benefit from the advantages of the cryptocurrency world. To delve deeper into the details and potential contributions of our project, we recommend exploring the subsequent sections of this whitepaper. W2E.MEDIA Token stands out as a step that shapes the future of the advertising industry.

With a portion of the funds collected under W2E.MEDIA Token:

A Next-Generation Technological Media Channel,
Metaverse TV Studio,
Artificial Intelligence Virtual TV Host/Moderator,
PR Agency,
Media Planning and Buying Agency

will be collaborated with, partnered with, or established. W2E.MEDIA Token’s commercial products will be developed without the immediate need for a third-party structure, allowing it to issue invoices and generate income. Since gaining initial references in projects like W2E.MEDIA Token can be a lengthy process, it will create its own use cases. Some of the generated revenue will be distributed as rewards. Therefore, it is a token project with a real-world revenue model and sustainability. In the medium and long term, it can either exit from some of these ventures as its use cases expand, or it can evaluate them for internal use and strengthen its solutions.

With the establishment of the Next-Generation Technological Media Channel, the goal is to produce original content in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, and the economy. Live broadcasts are planned to take place daily between 19:00-24:00, providing a next-generation television experience in a physical (and virtual) studio and metaverse environment with artificial intelligence support. The Next-Generation Technological Media Channel will be the first significant reference point where W2E.MEDIA Token is utilized. Part of the advertising revenue generated by the channel will be used to buy W2E.MEDIA Tokens from the market and distribute them to channel viewers through the mobile application channel. Since the Next-Generation Technological Media Channel will be a buyer of W2E.MEDIA Tokens with the revenue it generates, it will not create selling pressure on W2E.MEDIA Token. It distinguishes itself completely from tokens that cannot generate income in the market and can be considered as Ponzi schemes.

Initially, collaborations with strong players in the industry and the development of vertical solutions for the media sector are aimed for the “Artificial Intelligence Virtual TV Host/Moderator” and “Metaverse TV Studio” solutions to be used within the scope of the Next-Generation Technological Media Channel. Once the required budget is obtained, partnerships with existing companies in the metaverse and artificial intelligence fields or the establishment of new companies may be considered. With the global proliferation of the W2E.MEDIA Token model, investments can be made in different media and technology companies or exits can be made from invested companies.