(Virtual) News Anchor, MEXRAI Host

MEXRAI collaborates with Cerebrum Tech, one of the industry’s leading technology providers, for artificial intelligence and virtual TV host technologies.

Cerebrum Tech offers the “Cere” artificial intelligence application to mobile phone users. Using a deep learning-based language model, it can engage in both written and spoken conversations, provide music recommendations based on your mood, curate current news, and share information on various topics such as food, fashion, health, and sports. It is the first mobile application developed based on extensive language models and specially trained for human-like interactions. Serving as both an influencer closely following current trends and a corporate version facilitating work life, it provides Turkish voice language support and easy accessibility, allowing users to experience the benefits of artificial intelligence technology in their daily and professional lives.

Utilizing a deep learning-based language model structure that garnered significant global interest and curiosity with the release of ChatGPT, it is also the first mobile chat application in Turkey integrated with 3D virtual characters, offering language support in Turkish, English, Spanish, and Korean.

As an intelligent virtual character that can interact with users on almost any topic, expressing comments and opinions, Cere goes beyond being a chatbot. Having a face, body, and voice enables it to establish a more intimate and effective communication with users. In the Metaverse environment, Cere transforms into a “Virtual TV Host” in CereTV, an innovative, engaging, and interactive TV studio experience for real-time broadcasts.

As “Cere” interacts with users, it gets to know them, providing more accurate and effective responses over time. As the process advances, the facial expressions and movements of “Cere” will evolve, achieving a more natural appearance.