Prof. Dr. Izzet Gokhan Ozbilgin

Prof. Dr. Izzet Gokhan Ozbilgin graduated with honors from the Middle East Technical University (METU) Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department in 1998.

He conducted significant research and development (R&D), product development (P&D), business development, sales, and strategy in the fields of information technology and technology in various public institutions and private organizations. He held different roles at organizations such as IS NET, ASELSAN, SPK, HAVELSAN, and AKGUN, including positions as Specialist, Director, and General Manager. At HAVELSAN, Ozbilgin managed the transformation process from idea to product and successfully led the business development, marketing, and sales processes of the newly developed products, contributing to many milestones at HAVELSAN. He developed projects for major institutions and organizations, especially in the public sector.

Ozbilgin took on responsibilities in various civil society organizations. He provided consultancy services in the field of digital transformation to ministries and participated in numerous public projects. Serving as the President of the Public Informatics Association, which includes Public Informatics Managers, Ozbilgin managed the development of many projects with public and private sector informatics managers within the scope of the Association. Currently, he leads the Regulatory Committee of significant events in the IT sector, such as the “Public Informatics Summit” and “Public Administration and Technology.”

Continuing his academic career, Ozbilgin pursued a Master’s degree in the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department at METU, building upon his undergraduate education. Later, he completed a second Master’s degree in Business Administration and conducted Ph.D. studies in the field of Business Administration. In 2013, he became an Associate Professor in Management Information Systems, and in 2021, he earned the title of Professor. Ozbilgin focused particularly on management information systems, digital transformation, technology management and innovation, and business development. He delivered speeches, published articles, and shared his writings as a technology author in various magazines and websites.