Karinca Traders

As Karinca Traders;

We collaborate with our members to educate about the ability of blockchain technology to pave the way for a more secure, competitive, and consumer-friendly digital market.

To promote the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in Turkey, increase awareness and usage, explore its benefits, and determine strategic priorities, we:

  • Provide education (seminars, certification programs, academic publications);
  • Organize events (workshops, conferences, panels);
  • Create publications (books, reports, journals and supplements, newsletters);
  • Generate content (news, articles, guest speakers and writers, interviews, social media and web content);
  • Participate in collaborations (domestic and international; with public institutions, universities, think tanks, science, industry and technology academies, blockchain platforms, and consortia of other countries and unions)

About Us

Blockchain technology has the power to have profound effects on business, as well as on public and individual life. This power goes beyond being just an innovative technology; it requires a redefinition of mindset and business processes.

Why Are We Here?

Because a new digital world requires representation, guidance, and community.

Who Do We Serve?

Industry leaders advancing a more open and democratic digital future for everyone.

Karinca Traders

We support financial literacy. We aim to be the compass for investors.