Senol Vatansever

Senol Vatansever graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics (in English). During his university years, he served as a Student Assistant at the faculty.

He began his professional career during his student years in 1996, accumulating nearly 30 years of work experience. With executive-level positions in his professional career, he gained experience at companies such as Eczacibasi Bilisim, Bilge Adam, Servus, Probil, and TEB Iletisim. He founded Vatansever Information Technology in 2017 based on this experience.

In 2020, he established the software solutions provider Patriot Technology under the brand name Cosmosera.

In 2022, together with his partners, he founded Multiversera Technology Investments, providing end-to-end turnkey solutions for the needs in the Metaverse field.

Currently, he holds positions as the Chief Editor of Dijital Biz Magazine and the Producer and Moderator of the BENGU TURK TV Technology and Future Program. He hosted a total of 670 guests until June 9, 2024, across 154 episodes of the Technology and Future Program, which has been ongoing since.

In his television career, he received significant awards from The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK), The Informatics Association of Turkey (TBD), The Entrepreneur Businessmen Foundation (GIV), and The Public Informatics Association in 2022-2023.