Tansel Kaya
Advisor, MEXRAI Host

Tansel Kaya is a graduate of Bogazici University Computer Engineering and Northeastern University College of Computer Sciences.

His expertise lies in distributed networks, encryption, and wireless network security.

He was part of the Flarion team, which developed the first 4G systems and was later acquired by Qualcomm for 800 million dollars. Tansel Kaya has held managerial positions in information technology companies such as Airties, Intel, and Qualcomm.

Since 2013, he has been actively managing the Mindstone team, which focuses on developing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The company specializes in privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. From cryptocurrency and token design to preparing core software that includes wallets and distributed servers, Mindstone develops additional software such as mobile and desktop wallets and mining pools.

At Kadir Has University, he teaches the “Introduction to Cryptocurrencies” course in collaboration with Ismail Hakki Polat.