Ufuk Dokuzluoglu

He is a Digital Transformation and Business Technologies Leader with over 29 years of experience. He is a goal-oriented IT and Operations Senior Manager with experience building and managing projects of varying sizes, from small projects to full-scale multi-million dollar enterprise transformation projects.

He served as Technology Group President and CIO at Demiroren Media Holding, Turkey’s largest and Europe’s 4th largest media company. He provided software development and system infrastructure management for brands such as Hurriyet, Milliyet, Posta, Kanal D, CNNTurk, Teve2, DreamTurk TV, Dsmart PayTV, DsmartGO OTT platform, which is the group of brands that receive the highest internet traffic and page views in Turkey. He also managed the infrastructure and Corporate Software projects of companies such as Iddaa, Misli and Millipiyango, which joined the holding.

He managed and led Printed Newspaper systems, Digital newspaper and TV platforms, Television Broadcast Media and Advertising Technologies. For the first time in Turkey, it has implemented the technology on digital media platforms, which allows television channels and media platforms to replace video ads with targeted advertising without interfering with the user experience during digital live broadcasts. With this technology, each of the viewers who watch television broadcasts live through digital channels can watch different advertisements according to their interests when it comes to the advertising segment.

Projects that increase profitability and efficiency in various areas such as ERP, CRM, System Point Conversions, Microservice Software Developments, Multiple Data Center & Private and Public Cloud Experience Management, Design of HW & Network Systems Infrastructures of systems that receive high internet traffic and require performance, and Information Security Policies. configured and delivered.

In his role as CTO of D&R Book-Music-Electronics store for 17 years, he developed retail and logistics systems, software, e-commerce and demand forecasting projects.

He is one of the founders of Startans Venture Capital. He has experience in monitoring, analyzing and evaluating startups, attending sessions, making investment decisions and building reputation. He provides Technology and Management Consultancy to Corporate Company Managements.

He is married and has 1 girl and 1 boy. He is a Congress Member of Besiktas Sports Club.